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Image Credits (in order of appearance) © Danielle Karlikoff, Siobhan Wallace, Dovilė Bernadišiūtė, Lokidolor, Hansel Tai, Emmie Hubbard, Rawmisky, Simon Marsiglia (in collaboration with Elizaveta Federmesser and Michelle Parrott)

Current Obsession curated a virtual exhibition for 92nd Street Y to showcase the works of the eight talented jewelry makers that are part of the Gem Z Talent Accelerator Program. Being one of the talents myself, I was invited to write the curatorial text and the texts describing each individual project. With a pinch of fiction and a sense for the interconnectedness of the diverse practices, I tried to place emphasis on the narrative qualities behind the epic works of each individual Gem Z. 

Want to get a better insight into the program?  

The video below shows the conversation between Jonathan Wahl, Current Obsession and several Gem Z's that was hosted by 92nd Street Y on 26 January 2021:


Exhibition texts

Exhibition Design / Portraits

Presentation partner

Participating artists / designers

Current Obsession

Joannette van der Veer

Tobias Groot

92nd Street Y

Siobhan Wallace

Danielle Karlikoff


Simon Marsiglia

Emmie Hubbard
Dovilė Bernadišiūtė


Hansel Tai

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